Colic Treatments and Chiropractic Care

Almost ¼ of babies have some form of colic between newborn and their 5th month. Colic is a horrible thing for the baby and the parents. It is expressed with a lot of pain-filled crying that as parents it is very hard to listen to when there is nothing you can do to help. In some babies, the crying is ceaseless almost, and it is diagnosed when it happens for a certain time period, for at least 3 weeks. It tends to also happen at the same time of day, in the afternoon or evenings. Finding some way to offer relief is a priority and when you are looking for colic treatments, Monmouth County that work, you should also include chiropractic care.

What do we know about colic?

Colic may appear that the infant is having stomach pains and cries as a result but while there is some thought that digestion may be part of it, there is still no known cause of what causes it and what it is exactly. The symptoms are a baby crying for long periods. They do not respond to the usual soothing methods that work at other times. Their cry for colic may be quite different from their usual cry.

While it is hard on the parent and can mean very little sleep there is no evidence that it causes long-term effects on the baby. They do grow out of it. Some quickly, and some less quickly. Usually by 6 to 8 months, but in some cases, it can last until they are 12 to 18 months. It is worth noting that while exact causes are not known, it has been observed that women who smoke are twice as likely to have a baby with colic. Seeing a pediatric chiropractor, Ocean County is one of your treatment options.

Knowing whether your baby has colic

Is it possible you have a fussy baby, not a colicky baby? Sure! Just look at when they cry, how the cry sounds and whether it is really for long periods. You should also take them to see your baby’s doctor, when you are there you can talk about colic treatments Monmouth County and you can ask about alternative options other than medications. Some doctors are keeping up with the times and have recognized chiropractors have something real to offer, and some are not. Whether they are able to recommend someone, you should know there is no danger to the baby as long as you see a professional specialist and you can even use chiropractic care alongside what your doctor might suggest.

How does a chiropractor help?

In some short studies, it has been found that chiropractic adjustments can help improve the colic symptoms your baby is experiencing. Most of the parents reported improvements. Some parents reported a huge change, some more moderate. Find a pediatric chiropractor Ocean County, someone who has the experience and has trained specifically in treating children using chiropractic treatments that are safe and gentle.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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