Pawn Shop and Pay Day Loans

Pawn Shop and Pay Day Loans

When you are looking for cash in a hurry you have a couple of main options available to you for a loan Freehold and elsewhere. You can head to the pawn broker near you and pawn something of value, or sell it, or you can choose to get a pay day loan. With the pawn shop option, there is no look at your credit history and you get your money right then. With a pay day loan you need to have regular income as rather than the secure loan being on an item of value, it is taken out against your paycheck. You could choose to do it either in person or you could do it online from the comfort of home. In some cases, it might even take as little time as 90 minutes! Perfect for when you need that money quickly. Here is a look at each option.

Getting a pay day loan

The pay day loan too does not require a credit check or financial check, it is all about making sure you have an income. This is a short-term loan usually for smaller sums of money. Because it is against your income there is a low risk for the lender. They are giving you an advance on your check. You can go in person or online, with the latter for a pay day loan Howell probably being a little quicker. The questions and application process, either way, is simple and are just about where you work, what you earn and how much you want to borrow.

You will have to provide proof of income as that is how you pay back the loan. With a history of income, they can give you a better loan. Most will ask for a bank account to move the money to and to set up the debit that withdraws the funds when they come into your account from your check. By having it all electronic it makes the whole thing a lot easier to deal with and means you are not going to forget to make the payment. Lenders can keep their fees a bit lower due to this as well. The good thing about a pay day loan is once you have done it once, the process after is easier since it is already on file and set up. You can also earn discounts and lower rates as a regular customer.

Getting a pawn shop loan

A pawn loan Howell is even easier than a pay day loan. You do not have to prove income, and again there is no credit check. You select an item you own that of a high enough value. Choose a pawn shop that offers better interest rates and fees. See if they will accept a loan on your item. They will give you a value for it, and then a loan amount based on the value (the latter is never the total of the former). If you agree you get a slip of paper and you sign the agreement of repayment and you get the money. Usually, in a month you come back with the paper to pay it all back and then you get the item back. If you cannot do that they keep the item and sell it.


Getting a traditional loan Freehold is hard to do when you have a bad credit score. It is also not always a quick process. Getting a pawn shop loan or a payday loan are quick ways to get small amounts of cash to help with whatever you need it for.

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