Understanding Google Ads and how they work

The number of searches performed per second on just Google is around 2.3 million. Yes, that says 2.3 million. Per second. Most of those results also include Google ads the searcher can choose to click on. These are ads that the business has paid to appear on that first page when certain keyword searches are made. It is a very effective way of bringing targeted audiences to your website and increasing your sales and your brand awareness. Here is a closer look at Google Ads Wall and elsewhere.

What are they exactly?

When you do a search on Google for anything you then get a results page. On that page is a list of sites that Google has judged best answers your question or needs. Also on that page are advertisements that businesses have paid for that are also linked to the keywords you searched for. As well as being displayed there Google ads can also appear on the Google display network. If you are a restaurant in Toms River and you want to appear on certain searches, as well as having your ranking improved for organic searches you could invest in Google Ads Toms River for when people search for ‘restaurants in Toms River’ or ‘places to eat, Toms River’ and other such keywords.

The auction

The business or advertiser (or marketing company) chooses keywords that target their website and content. These are things people are going to type in when they are looking for information you have, products or a service you offer, and so on. At the Google Ads auction the business bids on the keywords they want. Of course, the more popular keywords that have the most competition will have higher bids on them. The bid along with your so-called Quality Score that Google has assigned you will decide whether you win any of those bids. You pay the cost each time an internet user clicks on it. That is where the term pay per click or cost per click comes from. If you are a business looking to use Google Ads Wall to draw in more visitors then as well as your bid you need to think about your quality score.

Factors that affect your auction quality score

There a number of things that impact the Quality score that Google will give you and knowing this means you can improve it. They include;

  • How relevant to the search query your Google ad is
  • How relevant the keyword is
  • How relevant the ad is to the landing page it leads to
  • The overall performance of your account historically
  • The historical CTR of your ad

When you have a high-quality score there are a number of benefits but two key ones are;

  1. Reduces the costs – As an advertiser, you are rewarded with lower costs per click for your adds when you have a high-quality score, so that will improve your return on investment
  2. More exposure – Those with high-quality scores have their aids displayed more and in better positions which improves your chances of getting more clicks without having to increase your auction bids for google ads Toms River

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