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Why you should care about fire glass this year

Although a fire may not be on your radar for top hazards affecting you in work or at home, fires are more common than you may think. In the period 2016-17, the Home Office reported that Fire services attended over 15,000 workplace fires. That’s over 300 a week.

Now is the perfect time to reassess your fire safety. There are simple measures you can take to greatly improve your safety, from checking your smoke alarms regularly to ensuring your fire exits are clear at all times. 

Installing fire glass- in your windows, doors or partitions and screens- can greatly reduce the fire risk, as the glass both insulates and contains flames. It’s never been a better time to put fire glass technology to use in your home or workplace. Online retailers like Carlen Glass provide a massive range of fire glass products to suit your individual needs.

This article will explain what fire glass is, and outline some of its properties. Read on to find out why you should be interested in fire glass.

What is fire glass?

Fire glass, also known as fire-resistant glass, is a form of specially treated glass, made to resist fire and smoke. It acts as a barrier, preventing the fire from spreading for a long period of time. 

Containment and time are crucial factors in fire control. Fire glass can maximise both of these factors, ensuring maximum safety in the event of a fire.

Many new buildings, in particular workplaces, are legally required to use fire glass.

Fire resistance

Both ordinary glass and tempered ‘safety glass’ are quickly destroyed by fires. They will fall from their frames or melt, offering little resistance against heat and smoke. 

In contrast, fire glass is fire resistant. It has a much higher melting point, meaning it retains its structural integrity against fire for a much longer stretch of time. 


As well as being fire resistant, fire glass also works as an insulator. When properly installed, it can stop the heat of the fire spreading, as well as the flames and smoke. 

Its insulation property prevents the fire from spreading, minimizing its impact on your surroundings. 

In slowing and stopping the spread, it provides you with valuable time to evacuate while fire services arrive. 

Fire glass is available with different integrity and insulation times. The integrity period is denoted by the letter ‘E’ in product specifications, followed by the minutes of protection offered. For example, E90 means 90 minutes of integrity against fire. The insulation rating, also in minutes, follows the integrity rating: E90/30 means the glass has 90 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation. 

These ratings are a key consideration when selecting a fire glass product.

Wide application potential

Fire glass comes in a variety of forms and can be used both internally and externally. Although it primarily serves a safety purpose, it can complement a building’s appearance, providing both protection and aesthetic value.

An example of this is curtain walling, which is when glazed glass is used in large, empty areas, in particular large offices. With curtain walling, the fire glass regulates a building’s temperature while making it feel open and airy. It also maximizes natural light. In the event of a fire, curtain walling acts as an insulator, containing the spread of flames.

Fire glass can also be utilized in the workplace as fire corridors, providing safe escape routes to ensure evacuation as well as to contain the fire away from workers. Fire corridors can also safeguard important areas or equipment. 

If you’re interested in fire glass for domestic application- whether putting it into a new build or replacing your existing glass, it is available in your windows and doors. It is also available for use in wall cladding and fire escapes and exits.

Round-up: why fire glass?

Regular annealed glass and even safety glass are susceptible to melting and breaking away upon impact with fire. 

In contrast, fire glass provides a fire-resistant barrier to insulate the heat, smoke and flames. It provides more time for escape and makes escape routes safer (particularly when used for fire corridors).

Unfortunately, fires are a regular occurrence in homes and workplaces across the country. This means that fire safety is fundamentally important. With its wide range of applications, fire glass provides you with a crucial line of defence against the impact of fire.

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